True Love is Bliss…Not Just a Kiss

What is the meaning of True Love?
Is it just the beating of the heart
Till one day two lovers
Fight and drift apart?

True Love is eternal
It doesn’t have an end,
True Love is unconditional
You forgive and you bend

True Love is patient
You understand your sweetheart
You make your love a priority
And you never go apart

If it’s just because you need someone
Then that love is not true
Without a need when you still love
Then that love is pure

True Love is not just a crush
It’s not physical attraction
When heart and mind and Soul unite
That is love in perfection!

In True Love you want to give
You give and you forgive
You love and love and love and love
For love that’s all there is

True Love is to Obey
True Love is not to demand
True Love is surrender
True Love is to understand

True Love is to give space
True Love is to be kind
True Love is to understand
What is in your lover’s mind

Of course in Love you say ‘Darling’
And ‘Sweetheart’ you do call
But when your lover is your Soul Mate
Then that’s True Love – that’s all

In True Love there are no expectations
In True Love you only Give
Your Soul Mate lives in your Soul
And for your Soul Mate you live

What is the meaning of True Love?
We all understand what is Love
But what is it that makes love true
The love that goes above

The Greeks call the first love as Eros
It dominates body and mind
But the ultimate love is Agape
When pure love in the Soul you find

It is above physical attraction
It is beyond your need
True Love is a Spiritual connection
When two Souls unite, indeed

When you realize who you truly are
Then only you can truly love
For then you love one and all
True Love is universal love

The moment your love is possessive
And love is only for the face
Then it’s still love, no doubt it’s love
But True Love needs His grace

True Love is a gift from the heavens
It’s bliss and joy and peace
It’s seeing God in all that’s alive
And loving all equally.